Sunday, January 3, 2016

In With the New...Off With the Old!

  • Happy New Year! For many of us, kicking off 2016 means dealing with what
    we picked up in 2015, like those extra pounds!
    By our age, we've all tried crazy fad diets that don't work, or we wouldn't be
    back in this same boat! While there are no “quick fixes”, the best rule of
    thumb to shed those extra pounds safely and permanently comes down to
    common sense.
    First, always check with your doctor before starting any diet, especially if
    you have a health condition. A check-up to make sure your weight gain does
    not have underlying medical issues too, like a hormone imbalance, is
    important and helpful!
    Aside from a check-up and counting calories, here are a few simple tips that
    can add up to big losses!
    1) Don't finish what's on your plate. Whatever you leave on your plate will
    not follow you to the scale.
    2) Don't eat late. The more hours between your last snack and bedtime, the
    3) Substitute your side dishes. Trade something like tomatoes for those
    buttered potatoes. You'll still be satisfied and you'll save unnecessary
    4) Cut back on sugar and cutout soda completely!
    You'll also need to increase your physical activity, yes… exercise. Don’t dread
    it! It can and should be fun.
    1) Exercise with a partner! Neighbors, friends, or your significant other make
    exercising more fun. My favorite exercise partners are my grandchildren.
    When your partners are 2 and 5, it means hula hoops, jump rope, dancing,
    chasing or being chased by them. Children make wonderful partners because
    they're always anxious to participate. Remember though, there's a big age
    difference, just because they can do something, doesn't mean we can or
    should. Proceed with caution!
    2) Walking is a great exercise! Increase the distance each day and you’ll be
    burning extra calories in no time! Note: when your body gets used to a
    routine it doesn't burn as efficiently, so every three weeks change your
  • pattern or direction to keep your body and mind guessing! Sports like tennis,
    golf or swimming are great too.
    3) Stretch, it’s important! Starting each morning with gentle stretching will
    keep you limber and help to avoid injury, especially before exercise. Be
    mindful of surgeries or joint and back issues.
    4) Sex....Partner and good health permitting, sex is great exercise! It's good
    for your health and great for your relationship.
    A few minor adjustments and before you know it you'll find yourself starting
    2016 with a great body and a lifestyle you can actually maintain! Look
    better, feel better!
    Next month’s column will focus on favorite beauty tips. If you have one you
    would be willing to share, I would love to hear from you!
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