Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Springtime!

Spring is almost here! That means beautiful weather is on the way and it’s a great time to evaluate our beauty routine and refresh our look.

Sometimes the smallest things in a daily beauty regime can make a world of a difference and don’t require anything drastic. Often, they are areas we don't even think much about and are important in defeating the signs of aging too!

First up, our hands!

If you have ever noticed, no matter how much a person can do with make-up or cosmetic surgery, our hands can quickly reveal age.
Under my, "if I only knew then what I know now” category, I would have started using sun-block on the tops of my hands years ago, but like most that brilliant idea never crossed my mind until later years.
However, it is never too late to start! You can minimize any new exposure by adding sun-block to your daily routine and since sun spots tend to darken with additional exposure, the block will keep that from happening. 

For the pesky age spots that have already made their mark, there are over the counter skin lighteners that work pretty well. (of course always clear anything new with your doctor.)

While both spots and thinning skin are all normal parts of aging, they can also simply be camouflaged a bit. You can use the same trick on your hands as you do for your face, foundation! The biggest difference if you are using it for your hands is to make sure and get one that is waterproof. There are several on the market and you don’t have to break the bank on one.

Once you find a shade as close as possible to your skin color, you will want to go over the top of your hand primarily, then gently blending around the fingers and up the arm some until it's blended. You can choose how high up the arm you want to go depending on your personal situation. You can use your fingertips to blend, or use a makeup sponge or brush, whichever is easier. If you look at the difference between your hands, one with foundation and one without, you will see a nice result!

Next up, eyebrows!

Much like everything else, they change over the years. They not only thin, but can become gray too. They play a huge part in framing out your eyes and so their importance should not be over looked!

To fill in sparse areas of the brow, using an eyebrow pencil is one option, but it can often result in a look that’s overly heavy or penciled in. A softer option is to use an eyebrow brush and powder eyeshadow--matching the color of your brows, or one shade darker. This will fill in the thinner spots without looking overdone.

For early graying of the eyebrows, and prior to them being so gray that you may consider having them professionally tinted, you can use a felt tip liquid eyeliner. 

The fine point allows you to cover the few early grays that show just enough to be noticeable, but not enough to need to do anything more drastic. And for no reason should you ever pluck the gray ones out. While tempting, it will just make matters worse! 

There are many different brands on the market if you don’t have this type of liner in your collection already. I have recently added a fine point waterproof eyeliner to my webstore in black, so if that is the color you would need, we carry it! Otherwise, you can find a variety of colors and brands any almost any store.

Any questions or tips you have to share, just let me know! And Happy Spring! Xoxo, Linda

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